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Click on a habitat to discover more about different species and environments around the world. High quality prints can be ordered quickly through our online ordering system.

For a more extensive catalog please also take a look at our stock library featuring exceptional, high quality photographs from all over the world, available to buy for editorial, non-profit or commercial purposes.

  Species profile
Discover the wonderful life of animals and plants as each week a species is featured.

  Image of the Week
Each week we'll add another fantastic shot available to buy as a high quality print!

  Tropical Marine
Tropical seas support some of the world's most diverse ecosystems and provide resources for an increasing human population.

  Temperate Marine
Colder seas can be incredibly productive and support creatures just as amazing and colourful as any tropical reef.

Coast - the link between land and sea. These habitats support communities evolved to withstand constantly changing conditions.

  Mountains, Moorland and Heath
At you climb, higher the plants and animals become increasingly specialised to survive in these extreme environments.

  Temperate Forest
Carpets of bluebells, red squirrels leaping from tree to tree or damp, mossy, ancient oaks - temperate forests can take many forms and inspire the imagination.

  Tropical Forest
Home to over half the known living plant and animal species on the planet, tropical forests still hold many secrets waiting to be uncovered.

  Desert and Savannah
Savannah habitat forms the transition between forest and deserts or grasslands. Savannah covers up to 1/5th of the Earth's land surface whilst deserts cover 1/3rd.

Less than 1% of the freshwater on Earth is available for man and nature. This precious commodity is the lifeblood of our terrestrial ecosystems.