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Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale by Gary Peart


Shetland Otter & Gannet Photo-assignment
Shetland Otter & Puffin Photo-assignment
Focus on Otters - photography, ecology and fieldcraft
Autumn on Shetland ‐ Nature, Light & Land
Waves, Woodlands & Waterfalls
Wild Lands of Shetland Photo Tour
Wild Otters of Shetland Photo Tour
Otter Field Ecology Workshop
Wild Shetland Seabird Photo Tour
Yorkshire Coast Sunrise Spectacular


Spectacular Seabirds
Diving with Bull Sharks
Work in Progress
Babbacombe's cleaning stations
Dalavich Ancient Oakwood

Latest Story

A 100,000 Tonne Landslide

The current run of wet and windy weather hitting the UK, the worst for many decades, is re-shaping the coastline at a fast rate; but in places this process is constantly on-going regardless of the weather. Once such place is the pretty beach of Oddicombe on Torquay, Devon, UK. Here, a 100m high sandstone cliff stands between limestone headlands and is constantly collapsing. In 2013 the largest collapse in living memory occurred, shifting an estimated 100,000 tonnes of rock and soil. Earth In Focus member Dan Bolt dives this area regularly, and wanted to see the impact this land-slip had on the local marine life. These photos hope to portray the sheer scale of a 100k tonne rock-slide, and open a small window on the life living precariously at the bottom of it’s sub-surface edge. Story by Dan Bolt

Coral Reefs of the Lesser Antilles

Coral reefs in the Caribbean are in trouble! Combined natural and human pressures over the last 40 years may have pushed many reefs past the point of no return. Working with Professor Bob Steneck, renowned marine biologist from the University of Maine, George Stoyle took part in a series of surveys onboard a 34ft sailboat (Alaria) to assess the current condition of coral ecosystems along the island chain of the Antilles in the eastern Caribbean. What he found were systems in an almost overwhelming state of decline. By George Stoyle

Island of Birds

Halfway between Orkney and Shetland in the North Atlantic lies the small island of Fair Isle. The island is home to one of the UK's most remote communities, a famous bird observatory and is a mecca for birdwatchers hoping to spot rare migrants. By Adam Seward

Yorkshire Shellfisheries

Working with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust we highlight the efforts being made by local shell fishermen in Yorkshire, UK who are using responsible fishing techniques to ensure a low environmental impact whilst maintaining a high quality product. By George Stoyle

In the Wake of the Guga Hunter

An expedition to survey the underwater marine life of arguably the remotest islands on the west coast Scotland. A profusion of marine life below gannet covered rocks, wild, rugged and outstandingly beautiful this is part of our heritage. By Richard Shucksmith

Poole Rocks Conservation Zone

A number of sites around the UK have been identified for Marine Conservation. Find out about Poole Rocks off the Dorset coast, meet the inhabitants and learn about what protecting this environment hopes to achieve. By Matt Doggett. By Matt Doggett

Kalahari Meerkats

Known for their cooperative behaviour, meerkats have been the subject of intense study in the Northern Cape of South Africa since 1993. By Adam Seward

Community Fisheries in Honduras

Part of a compelling story about innovative bottom-up efforts to help conserve marine biodiversity on the Honduran Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. By George Stoyle